Packing boxes in faith

The last couple of weeks have seen us doing many things in faith, not knowing if the sale of our house is going to go through.  We have packed many boxes, we have visited new nurseries for Sam, we have called insurers and providers of services to inform them of the imminent move, we have arranged new mortgages, all the while with the thought lingering in the back of our minds that everything might fall through and then we'll have to unpack everything.

But we have done this in faith, knowing that God is faithful to His promises.  In Matthew's gospel God calls us to Ask, Seek and Knock and in return we will receive.  This is mostly applicable to discovering our faith in Jesus and entering into the Kingdom of Heaven, but I think it also applies to other areas of our lives.

  1. Ask - God wants us to speak to Him first about whatever is on our hearts and minds.  He wants us to ask Him for it, knowing that He is our provider.  Plans that we put together without consulting God will go astray, so we should always start with this step.
  2. Seek - We shouldn't just ask and magically expect God to rain down blessings from the sky for us.  God wants us to actively start looking in to what it is we desire.  He wants to make sure that it is what we really want, not just a whim that we have asked for and don't really have a heart for.
  3. Knock - We should push the doors of opportunity and step out in faith.  God wants us to take the first step, to take a risk in order to gain the reward.  It is only when we step out in faith and knock on the door that it can be opened to us, but knocking can be a very scary thing to do!
Faithfully as a family we have been praying to God and asking for a new home for the last 9 months.  We wrote a list of what would be in our ideal home and prayed through that with God.  As time has gone by, this list has been refined and only what we truly need, desire and require to serve God better have stayed true.  For the last 7 months we have been seeking out the right place to live, the right house and looking in to all the options.  And finally we stepped out in faith to put our house on the market, and then once an offer had been received to put our money on the line in reserving our new house.  

We have asked, seeked and knocked and now we are patiently waiting for God to open the door.