My first ever blog post was about our family's challenge to feed 5000 people in our home over our lifetime.  Now I am over 20 blog posts in and thought it would be nice to update everyone on how we are doing with the challenge!!

My husband would say we are 2.5% of the way there (that means we are up to 125 people...) which sounds low, but really when we have only been at this for a little while it isn't that bad. Quality not quantity I would say (if it wasn't a number based challenge!).  I recently reflected on this on facebook by asking those who had been over to ours to post their memories of their time here and the feedback was amazing.....

I was reminded of the fun of BBQ's in the rain, some delicious food - sponge pudding, lasagna, homemade pie and toad in the hole - and the cementing of some great friendships.  It even sparked some more invitations and the realisation that the world is smaller than we think.

So I want to say a big big thank you to everyone who has been part of the first 125 on our list for making it such a great experience so far.  I know I have a lifetime to achieve this and I will keep plodding on and hopefully some day I can post about reaching this amazing target.  I also want to say a big shout out to anyone who lives near us (or would make the trip to see us!) who would like to come round and be blessed with food and friendship - do let me know as I am not always the most outgoing of people when it comes to invites.  It would be amazing to reach 200 by the end of 2014 so I need another 75 people to come through our doors!