It has been our joy and pleasure to play host this last week to the family of our lodger.  For three nights in a row we were able to provide them with food and company, and they have indeed been added to the list of 5000 who have eaten under our roof (the total is now 130 for anyone interested!).  

It got me thinking about the strange and funny organism that family is!  We all have family and, whether we get on all the time or not, we love them.  Families are quirky, they are fun, they are supportive, they are sometimes annoying and they are yours.  But do we always have the same love and devotion towards our church family?

Paul often refers to his fellow christians as "dear brothers and sisters" (see 1 Cor 1:10, Romans 1:13, Romans 12:1, 2 Cor 13:11 for examples) and I don't think he makes that comment lightly.  Jesus also makes the comment that his disciples and followers are his mother, brother and sister in Matthew 12:48-50 (notice it is not that they are "like" a mother, brother or sister but that they "are" those things).  So we are meant to treat our church family as exactly that - family!

How do we do that I hear you ask?  Am I not already doing that I also hear?  Well lets take a look:

Praying that we can all get to know our quirky, annoying, amazing church families even better!