I need your help.  

In just over two weeks I will be celebrating my one year blogiversary - a strange occasion, but one I feel I should celebrate!  On the 2nd February 2014 I published my first post
"Feeding the 5000 - a modern day challenge"  , a post that I still love and which puts into words my heart for hospitality and attempting to make a big impact.  Since then I have written many posts on a variety of things, but all with one motive - to encourage and inspire other mum's on a mission.

So I want to make my blogiversary about you guys - not about me and what I have achieved in this last year.  That is not important.  It is the people that read my blog that are important to me.  So if you have read any of my blog posts and they have made a difference to you then I would love to hear from you.  I will be putting together a mini-series of interviews with other "mums on a mission" and it would be great if you could answer the following questions:

-Name and location (just city or town name will do) and your blog/twitter if you want to share it
-A bit about you - what is your mission or passion, what do you get up to day to day
-How did you come to read my blog?
-What impact has my blog had on you and your mission?
-What was your favourite blog post?

Email you answers and a picture to rachel.ridler@gmail.com 

Looking forward to hearing from you all!