If you were to walk into my kitchen, you would see proudly hanging on my wall a blackboard showing the following:

This is my cleaning rota board.  I use it to remind me what jobs need doing around the house.  And many people have commented about what a great idea it is and how organised I must be!  I feel rather proud of it if I am honest.

But I must confess - some weeks it is just for show.  I don't always stick to it like I know I should.  Sometimes cleaning the toilets is just a step too far for me, and sometimes I am happy to let the windows have smudgy marks all over them from Sam's hands. 

So this is my confession really - that I am a little bit of a cleaning "Pharisee"! From the outside it looks like I am amazing at it, but on the inside I know it is all a lie.  I have gotten myself all puffed up and braggy about it, when really I should be putting in the hard work (actually doing he cleaning!) and letting that speak for itself.  

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