Becomming a mum has been the biggest change in my life so far, and the one that I have needed the most help with.  So today I wanted to share a few links and things that I love that might help new mothers, existing mothers and anyone who is just interesting in supporting mothers that they know!

1.  Baby and Toddler Show
To have had the opportunity to test drive some baby products, mooch around and see what is out there would have been super helpful for me.  I remember standing in mothercare at 30 weeks pregnant staring at the vast array of pushchairs, nursery accessories and toys and not knowing where to start.

This year the baby and toddler show is in Manchester at Event City from 6-8 March with some great offers and features.  You can test drive a baby sling during your time at the show so no need to take your pushchair, there is plenty of parking, free demonstrations and talks, and best of all in my book (as I know this is the battle I will next be facing!) is the Huggies potty training bus will be there!

You can get 30% off ticket prices using the code RF81 online at  (adults tickets will be only £7 each!)

2. Donate your baby blankets

Did you know that every minute of every day approximately 50 babies are born into poverty and will experience conditions lacking basic essentials? Dettol is asking people in the UK to donate their old baby blankets so that they can be re-distributed to families. Before being given out the blankets will be washed with their anti-bacterial laundry cleanser to make sure that 99.9% of bacteria is killed.  

To find out more and for the address to send your blankets to visit  (its a freepost address too!)

3. Online baby clubs!
As soon as I found out I was preggers I signed up to all the free online baby clubs!  At the time it was so I could get all the free things ( even now Sam loves his free cuddly cow and polar bear) but actually all the information provided has proved invaluable.  So here are some of my favourites that you should sign up to:

-emma's diary
-cow and gate
-ella's kitchen