Those of you amazing readers who have been with me since the very first post will remember that last year God revealed two words to me for the year:
roots and catalyst.  So in a bid to not be one of those people who forgets entirely about these after a month, I wanted to share a brief round up of how these words influenced my entire year. 

Let's start off with the easy one - roots! 

2014 saw our family move house, from our first real home in Gainsborough to our brand new blessing of a home in Doncaster.  We moved to become more part of Legacy Church where my husband had started working and we had been attending since the July of 2013. We longed to become more part of the work there and set some roots in our church family, but also to set roots down in our local area. And looking back on the year I think this has definitely happened.  We now have lots of friends in our church, as well as leading one of the lifegroups where the other members really have become family.  We have gotten to know our neighbours and found groups to attend in the local area.  We love the nursery that Sam now attends and get on really well with the staff.  He is flourishing there and so are we now that we are settled down.  I have the verse that started it all off and continues to inspire me on the wall in our new lounge - Jeremiah 17:7-8

Moving on to catalyst.....

This one is slightly more tricky!  But I think I have endeavoured to live up to this word as much as I can throughout the year.  I wanted to be someone who offers invites to those who may not know how to get involved, who doesn't sit moaning about things not happening but is actually the catalyst for change.  And I think that through my pudding clubs, open houses on the estate and meeting up with people/inviting people to dinner that I have done ok at this.  There is definitely room for improvement and occasions when I have shyed away from being this.

I am pretty sure that both of these words will remain with me for 2015, and will continue to challenge and inspire me as I move forward into different things.  They won't be as huge a focus, but I know that as I continue to serve in my local church, get more involved with my lifegroup and local community and seek to reach out to them with the good news that my roots will grow and my heart for being a catalyst will also.