We all like getting parcels in the mail, right?! So today I wanted to share with you a brand new project that I have just come across that will give your child one of the best things in the mail ever - a better understanding of the bible! 

The Treasure Box People are a new venture that you can subscribe to and receive a monthly box with bible activities inside for your 5-8 year olds.  Now I am gutted that Sam isn't quite old enough to receive this, but I am considering getting one of these for my god-daughter, as it is a really creative way for kids to interact with and get excited about the bible.  

I won't write any more, as I think their story and website says it all.  But I will definitely be asking Santa to subscribe Sam for a year of these in the future (perhaps if they get enough support they might branch out and do ones especially for littlies....). 

The Story of the treasure box people 

The Treasure Box People