So after my previous post on
baby links that I like, the lovely people at dettol have sent me some goodies!  And in return for their generosity I wanted to tell you all again about a really simple campaign that you can get involved in.  

Now if you were as blessed as I was you might have had a baby shower when you were expecting.  I was lucky enough to have two, and so many people bought me amazing gifts.  So much so that I had extra to what I really needed.  One thing I had lots of was baby blankets - I think I had about ten at one point!!  I did use most of them at one point or another, but now I have my favourites that I will keep as mementoes of my baby and a bag full of other old baby blankets.

So I will be taking part in the dettol baby blanket campaign and sending these off to the Freepost address that you can find on  . It would be great if you could share this link amongst your friends and family who might have blankets they can donate - they will all get washed before being given out again and it could make a big difference to those whose babies have nothing.m

Thanks a lot!