Do you ever feel as a mum you are torn in more than one direction?  Perhaps you know the quandary of the working mum, who has to split her time between work and her children.  Or maybe you struggle to spend time with each child and still have some left for your husband at the end of the day?  But the particular circumstance I am referring to today is being torn between your kids and God.  Let me explain...

This Sunday was phenomenal at my church - the preacher spoke so powerfully on changing our mentality from living "body, soul, spirit" to instead living "spirit, soul, body" and making sure that our hearts are right with God.  What we do externally is really only the out pouring of where our hearts are with God.  That was followed by an amazing time of worship lead by our band, and I was enjoying the time with my God and praising him.  But after the fourth song started up, my heart started to wander and thoughts of my little boy in crèche crept in.  It had been a longer than normal service and I thought "I bet he's started to climb up the walls now and annoying the leaders!".  

My heart was torn in two directions - I really wanted to stay in that moment of intimacy with my father God, making my heart right with him and prioritising that.  But my heart also cried out to my child, to love and protect him as only a mother can do.  Is that wrong?  Surely not, as it is a responsibility and privilege given to us by God to be parents!  But nevertheless my heart was in a quandary.  

Have you ever felt this?  What do you think the right answer is in this situation? Please comment below as I am torn!!!