Well we are now heading in to the last couple of weeks of 40 acts and I am both loving it and struggling!  Today's challenge was all about blessing your boss, and I know that I am really blessed to have the boss that I have.  Unfortunately for me, we all work from home so that made this challenge a bit more tricky.  I couldn't just make her a cuppa or leave a nice present on her desk as we are miles apart!!  But I am hopefully meeting up on Wednesday when I will plan a suitable way to bless and thank her.

In the meantime, I took the opportunity to say a big thank you and shout out to my big bosses at work through twitter, and also to the leaders of my church.

In other news, I did pretty poorly on the last two acts.  I have yet to complete act #27 which is about widening my circle and including those who I may not normally.  To be honest, I felt this was one to do at a different time as I don't want people to feel like I am contacting them or including them just because I don't like them!  So I will figure out a way to do this more privately and personally when the moment comes along.

I also failed at act #28 which was about practically helping someone out on Saturday - again I claim the child excuse!!!!