This may be a few hours late, but my blog post for H is about my son (in keeping with the theme!!).  As I sat in the back garden yesterday enjoying the unexpected April heatwave, I watched my almost two year old playing happily in his water table and running around like a crazy child.  This was what I had hoped and prayed for last year and I realised that what people say, that it "gets easier", really is true.

I have already been honest on here about how much I struggled with my son in the baby phase - don't get me wrong, I loved him no end, but I did not enjoy the hours trying to stop him from whinging and crying.  I yearned for the time when he would be happy enough in himself to play his own little games and when I could have at least a half meaningful conversation with him.  That day has come!!  

Fittingly the t-shirt I put him in yesterday morning was a new one with the slogan "HAPPY LITTLE DUDE" on it, and I think it summed him up pretty well.  I am so relieved that it does get better, and I know that will help me when our new baby comes in October to remember that everything is for a season and they will eventually grow up into being happy little dudes (or dudettes).