It is only in the last week that we have returned to being a "two car" family.  And the decision grieved me greatly.  Since moving to the North, we sold one of our cars and I have been walking most places.  It has been great, and I guess one of the reasons that despite going through a pregnancy and working from home sitting most of the time that I haven't put on masses of weight.

With second baby on the way I am now starting to struggle with walking quickly enough to get places on time.  Like picking up my son from nursery.  Or getting to midwife appointments.  So for these necessary journeys we have bought a second car.  But I still very much enjoy walking places and hope that when the new baby comes along I can get back into it.

These are some of my favourite walking pictures - last summer we really made the most of being next to the canal and walking along the towpath and this documents some of Sam's journey from baby to walking boy!:

Easter Adventure Quest @ Brodsworth Hall - walking on his reigns

Walking around Rufford Abbey whilst daddy enjoys his falconry experience

Our daily digger walk around the estate to spot the orange digger!

Daddy and Sam on a blackberry walk last summer with the rucksack

Me and Sam walking down the trans-pennine trail to get to a friends house for lunch last summer!

The beautiful paths we can enjoy near our house

Teaching Sam to walk at Cusworth Hall last summer

Walking home from nursery with Sam giving me the evil eye....

Daddy and Sam ready for a walk during the winter - cold doesn't put them off!