So we have continued over the last two weeks with potty training  and I can now say that we are doing really well!  On our weeks holiday last week we had no accidents at all (although plenty of occasions where I had to stop the car to sit him on the potty at the roadside, what joy!).  How I have managed to do this without chocolate as a bribe is beyond me, but I guess Sam was just ready.  He really has taken it in his stride and I am really proud of him.

Perseverance has definitely proved key in winning this battle, and so I want to encourage other parents out there to keep going at whatever challenge you are facing right now.  Whether that is the bedtime battle, weaning, breast feeding, bad behaviour or whatever else - as parents we are stronger than we sometimes think.  If something is important to you then fight for it (metaphorically!) until your child realises that.  

Now I need your advice - how do I stop my house full of boys smelling of wee?!!