I am not normally a moany kind of person, but right now being pregnant SUCKS.  I will openly admit that I would have been the first person to look back on my pregnancy with my first child and say how amazing it was - to eat what you wanted, wear what you wanted, have two hour naps whenever you liked.  But now with child number 1 always around, body parts pre-stretched and the memories of labour pains flooding my brain I know that I was wearing rose tinted glasses.

Maybe this is just my experience though - many women truly enjoy being pregnant and embrace the changes to their bodies.  But I am now loathing being unable to bend down and do the simplest of jobs and even how hard it is to play with my son.  Some days are good days and I have energy, but more commonly now (as I head into the last two months) I am sore, achy and tired.  Walking to the local leisure centre (about 2 mins from my house) is enough to knock me out for the rest of the day! 

I was thinking and praying through this all the other morning when a light switched on for me.  In one of my previous posts I wrote about a desire that had been planted deep down in my heart for adoption.  And don't get me wrong, this is still there, but it is a HUGE thing, a HUGE decision for my family as a whole and mostly for me and my husband to decide that we will forego anymore "natural" born children in favour of stepping into the life of a child that needs help and a family.  It is a big and scary decision that I am not quite ready to commit to yet, but perhaps the pain and general suckiness of this pregnancy is what I will need to persuade me in the way that God has already started to move me in.  If it was all rainbows and unicorns then perhaps I would try for another one of our own instead and miss out on the blessings (and challenges) of adoption.