I guess one of the biggest concerns you can have as a second time round mum is how your first child will deal with the change.  Will he love the new baby?  Will he try to climb on/sit on/jump on/(insert your own fear here...) them?  Will he be jealous of all the time you have to spend feeding and getting the new baby to sleep?  

So today, as I sit and wallow in my fatness and inability to reach things on the floor, I am preparing some activities for my little boy to keep him occupied in those first few weeks.  I have already told of the amazingness of busy bags, and as my son gets older he loves them more and more and can do more of the activities independently.  I am going to create a brand new stash of busy bags to bring out in the weeks after baby is born so that he has something new and exciting to occupy him during those times when I can't give him my full attention.

I won't re-invent the wheel (I don't have the time or the energy to!) so here are a few links to websites where I have gotten some great ideas and free printables...

The Twinkle Diaries