Like many others I'm sure, my husband and I spent New Years Eve reflecting on 2015 (an awesome year where we welcomed the arrival of Reuben into our family!) and wrote down our hopes, dreams and goals for the coming year. Included in mine were a number I want to reach on our feeding 5000 lifegoal list, a challenge to start a proper family bible/devotional time and a desire to be more generous to those on my street over the next year. I also asked God to reveal a key bible verse or word for the coming year, and this is where it gets interesting!

I didn't have anything on New Years Eve, or the few days after. But through my daily devotional on my bible app that I am attempting to read during nighttime feeds, a verse jumped out at me. And over the last few weeks it just keeps returning, so I know this is the verse/ challenge God has set before me in 2016:

We have a Father who is like this towards us in every way, and my challenge this year is to grow more like him in my own parenting this year. To be rich in love towards my two boys, whatever the day and whatever they do, but to also be slow to anger. That is a harder challenge! So whether I succeed all the time or not, hopefully this year I will become more like my amazing Father.

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