Here is my brief update on how I am getting on with my 30 before 30 challenges!  It is only a month or so now until I turn 29 so I need to start getting a move on.....
  1. Go geocaching. I have uploaded a geo-caching app so just need to get out and do it now!
  2. Go on a camping trip with friends. Not organised yet, so if any of my friends are up for this over the summer let me know
  3. Spend a day at a spa. I think this is being booked in as we speak so looking forward to a relaxing day at a spa soon.
  4. Visit 5 new museums
  5. Knit something
  6. Sponsor a child
  7. Host a scavenger hunt
  8. Send a care package to someone  (completed a few months back when I sent a care package to a student from our church who is at uni down in London)
  9. Learn to juggle 
  10. Start a collection
  11. Learn yoga  (think I know enough basic yoga now to cross this off!)
  12. Take on a 30 day photo challenge. Planning to do this in May, a 30 day month, but suggestions of what to take photos of would be helpful
  13. Visit another country that speaks a different language
  14. Have a proper exercise routine!
  15. Write an ebook
  16. Feed 500 people in my home (as part of my feeding 5000 challenge)
  17. Memorise my favourite passage from the bible
  18. Sleep under the stars
  19. Learn a new craft/creative skill (possibly lettering). Have started having a go at Bible Journalling - need to get a bit more practice in before I can say I have learnt it! 
  20. Make a time capsule to bury in our garden
  21. See the Lion King musical on west end
  22. Grow my own vegetables. Now that Rob's masters is just about finished we might be able to get started on project garden so fingers crossed I can start this one soon.....
  23. Take my blog self hosted (and know what that means!). I have just booked on to an online course that will hopefully teach me all about this
  24. Reorganize my recipe box and books
  25. Write my will.  We have a will writing company coming over to do this in a couple of weeks time 
  26. Learn how to give proper massages. Not a clue how to go about this, but know it will be beneficial for my husband who suffers from a bad back most of the time!!

So I have managed to cross 2 off my list, with another 6 to be crossed off in the next few months, I think that is progress!  As before, I still need to add a few more to my list so any suggestions please post below.....