Well it is time again for another 30 before 30 update, and I am pretty excited as I have actually crossed some off!!!

  1. Go geocaching. Still haven't gotten out to do this yet but now the weather is sunny I hope to!
  2. Go on a camping trip with friends. Not organised yet, so if any of my friends are up for this over the summer let me know
  3. Spend a day at a spa. I think this is being booked in as we speak so looking forward to a relaxing day at a spa soon.
  4. Visit 5 new museums - Visited one this month with my family, Crich Tramway Museum.  Lots of fun learning about trams and plenty for the little ones to do. Well worth it.
  5. Knit something
  6. Sponsor a child
  7. Host a scavenger hunt
  8. Send a care package to someone  (completed a few months back when I sent a care package to a student from our church who is at uni down in London)
  9. Learn to juggle 
  10. Start a collection - I have achieved this!!  I was thinking long and hard, and given my love of tea, I have decided to start collecting mugs.  This way, each cuppa I have will remind me of an amazing place I have visited.  Below is my first one from the tramway museum...
  11. Learn yoga  (think I know enough basic yoga now to cross this off!)
  12. Take on a 30 day photo challenge. I am doing this at the moment - 30 days of REAL family life, so will write a follow up post at the end.
  13. Visit another country that speaks a different language
  14. Have a proper exercise routine!
  15. Write an ebook
  16. Feed 500 people in my home (as part of my feeding 5000 challenge)
  17. Memorise my favourite passage from the bible
  18. Sleep under the stars
  19. Learn a new craft/creative skill (possibly lettering). I am going to cross this off as am making this a big part of my weekly time with God now.
  20. Make a time capsule to bury in our garden
  21. See the Lion King musical on west end
  22. Grow my own vegetables. Now that Rob's masters is just about finished we might be able to get started on project garden so fingers crossed I can start this one soon.....
  23. Take my blog self hosted (and know what that means!). In the middle of my blogging course and learning lots, so this one might change once I have finished.
  24. Reorganize my recipe box and books
  25. Write my will.  Will lady has been and all is written - just needs to signed and witnessed but I am counting this as done!!
  26. Learn how to give proper massages. Not a clue how to go about this, but know it will be beneficial for my husband who suffers from a bad back most of the time!!

I am now 5 down, 25 to go!!  Have made some real progress the last few weeks, and doing some of these challenges is helping me live out some dreams and enjoy family life even more.  Have you had a go at writing your own 30 before 30 list or 40 before 40 list?  If so then share below, if not then have a go!