Recently my husband and I have been doing a "financial review" in order to save money and make sure we're not overspending on things.  It has been really interesting to see where our money has been wasted, over paying for things that are cheaper elsewhere (e.g gas and electric) and squandering money on things we probably don't need (lots of sweets!).  However, I have been struggling still to restrain my spending - until I read this verse!

"Why spend money on what is not bread, and your labour on what does not satisfy?  Listen, listen to me and eat what is good, and you will delight in the richest of fare."   Isaiah 55:2

I have three spending weaknesses:

  1. Pretty things that make me feel pretty (currently trying to decide which designs of jamberry nails to buy) - everyone likes a new t-shirt/necklace/bag to cheer them up right?
  2. Stuff for the boys - a new toy, treat or clothing is something I can normally justify
  3. Sweets/cake/chocolate - It will not be news to most of you that I have a sweet tooth, and often I will turn to this to cheer me up when I am down/bored/PMT/grumpy
This week during my meditation I tried to stop and replay this verse in my mind before going in to any shop.  "Why spend money of what is not bread?".  Now I know that God isn't telling us here JUST to buy bread and have a bread only diet.  And I don't think he is saying just to buy food or to stop buying anything else at all.  But rather, he wants to remind us that buying things does not fill the void/satisfy our souls.

You see often we shop not because we NEED something, but because we are trying to make ourselves feel something or trying to mark something else.  What do we REALLY truly need in those moments???  Is it another chocolate bar, or is it actually some time with God? Spiritual food/garments.  These are the ones that satisfy and are richer and more filling than anything we can buy in the shop.

By saying this verse whenever I entered a shop or went on Amazon, it forced me to stop and think about my motives.  If it was necessity/need, then I carried on.  If actually I was just feeling down or wanted a pick-me-up or was feeling selfish/angry/WHATEVER ELSE!  Then I stopped and spent a minute with God instead.  I prayed and addressed the underlying want and desire, and I felt God fill that, deal with it and satisfy me.

Will I still buy chocolate?  Yes! But will I make sure I have spoken with God first.

Will I still buy pretty things?  Yes!  But I will make sure it is not to boost my ego when I could get my approval from God first.

This week I have saved myself a lot of money by coming to God first.  So why not try it?!

The verse for next week (which came to me through a mum in the Captivated facebook group) is this:

"God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble" Psalm 46:1

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