Yes I had a facebook low point last month.  I wrote a slightly rantly post and I fasted facebook for the weekend and I felt the benefits.  But just because I know I need to slow down in my use and schedule regular breaks from it all doesn't mean I am going to quit it altogether.

Everytime I think about how awful social media can be, I am then reminded of the relationships I am able to have through it that would be impossible without!

The mum's who connect to my blog through facebook and comment and share - love you guys!

The friends from uni who live far away but are able to encourage me via facebook

The family who I don't get to see most years but I can share photos of my boys with

The neighbours I have gotten to know and meet through our new residents facebook group

The ladies who I share bible journalling inspiration with from across the world.

The list could go on and on, but I know that without facebook non of that would be possible, and my life would be less rich.  What do you love about facebook?