The letter arrived last week - a slightly more exciting letter than others I have received lately!  The one where they say your little baby son (or daughter) is now old enough to apply for a place at school.  A place in Reception Class.  I am filled with a mixture of excitement that my son is growing up and gets the chance to learn and grow even more, and dread about making the wrong choice.

How do you make a choice like that?  Maybe I am making this too big a deal.  I feel like it is something that takes me from the ranks of baby and toddler wrestler into the ranks of proper parent.  You know - one of those mums at the school gate.  It will bring with it amazing opportunities but also new challenges, as I learn to support my little man through all the ups and downs of school life.  

So what I would like to ask all you school mums out there is this - what advice would you give me now?  What things should I take into account when choosing a school?  And what should I take advantage of whilst I still have my little boy at home with me?  Tell me now so I don't miss out or mess up! PLEASE!!!  

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