This was a word that God gave me in 2014.  It was clearly revealed that I wasn't to be someone who just sat back and let life happen, but that I was someone who stepped out and brought about change.  At the end of 2014 I wrote a nice post saying how I had got on with that word in my life that year, and after that I let it be.  But the last week God has brought that word back to me - CATALYST.  I guess he is saying that I wasn't just supposed to be a catalyst for a year, but for LIFE!!!  And so I wanted to reflect on the journey I have had with this word on my life before I start looking at how I can carry on this now.  Enjoy!

How to be a catalyst - written by a work in progress 

Catalyst - starting off with generous living every day

Back online with a bang

Roots and Catalyst - what become of 2014